The GAMC Concert Hall

Concert Hall


This concert hall will be the first dedicated acoustic live music venue in the country. It will be built to accommodate up to 80 people seated, or up to 120 people with the seating removed. Currently The Gambia offers a stadium and a range of smaller venues, however none are built to international standards which accommodate the acoustic complexities of acoustic instruments. 

The hall will be used for a range of purposes including ticketed performances from international artists, lectures, masterclasses, screenings and school performances selected to showcased to the public,. The hall will have two changing rooms, a backstage area and a separate access for visitors which will be used for public performances. A visitor car park will be located behind the building. 

An acoustic concert hall is a very important asset not only to the academy but more importantly to the progress of the music industry of the Gambia. Not only will it raise the standard of acoustic performances by providing a venue that will showcase the instruments at the their best, but it will also raise the bar for acoustic sound engineering in the country, offering training and work experience opportunities for aspiring engineers. A venue such as this will open up a range of collaborative possibilities by attracting more specialist artists from all over the world to come to The Gambia to perform at a high quality venue.

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We are keen to connect with engineers and acoustic designers, as well as sponsors to support the design and construction of the Concert Hall.  Please contact us, or click here to make a donation. 

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