The GAMC Dance Department


The Dance Department will offer The Gambia's first professional dance studio, with dedicated flooring, full length mirrors, and changing/shower facilities. The construction of a professional Dance Studio is a vital part of the development of dance as a dedicated art-form in the country. Many talented dancers reside in the country, however the area of dance as a specialist art form is under-developed due to the lac of facilities, opportunities and projects that centre around this area of expertise. In addition to offering dance classes to students, The Dance Department will encourage numerous projects to take place, including exciting collaborative ventures with international dance masters and choreographers to work alongside dancers and dance groups within the country. The construction of this Studio will mark an important step in the development of dance as a specialized form of artistic expression and creativity in the country. 

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If you are interested in partnering with us, volunteering to teach, and develop our Dance Department please contact us, or click here to make a donation.  

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