Harnessing Culture for Social Change.

The impact of the Gambia Academy extends well beyond its current campus in Kartong.  Our students serve as living examples for other institutions ... and African countries ... to emulate and replicate. By bringing traditions and cultures into the education system, to quote Sona Jobarteh: "We're out to prove that you can be very successful, educated, and proud to be African at the same time."

In support, we have formed GAMBIA ACADEMY - US, a charitable organization in America to help Sona and the Academy inspire the leaders of tomorrow, by bringing expertise, resources, funding, and world attention to this important effort.

If you'd like to get involved ... or simply get more information, send us a email.


Co-leaders of Gambia Academy - US

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Kartong, West Coast, Gambia

781-608-4045 in the U.S.