The GAMC Library and Archive

Library Archive

The Library is a stand-alone building situated in a quiet side of the campus. Reflective of its purpose to preserve and educate, this building will be constructed using renewable and recyclable materials. The Library will host educational books and resources for the junior department of the Academy at one side. The remainder of the library will be specialised in books and resources on African history, literature, culture, music and art. 

An essential aspect to this library is that it will house the first open-access digital archive for old recordings of traditional music from all over Africa. This section of the library will work in conjunction with a programme to digitize old recordings currently held in radio and personal archives across the country. 

Donate / Partner

We are keen to connect with libraries, collectors, archivists and sponsors to support the development of our Library Archive. Donations of library equipment and books are highly valued.  Please contact us, or click here to make a donation. 

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