The GAMC Music Department

junior Music Department

The Music Department is split into two spaces. One is dedicated to the Junior members of the Academy: the ABJ School of Music students, the other is dedicated to the Senior and visiting members of the Academy. The Junior Department is situated among the academic buildings on ABJ school side of the campus. 

The department will feature 6 dedicated classrooms for the study of West African instruments which will include the Kora, Balafon, Ngoni, West African-style guitar, Dundun, Djimbe and the Mandinka Drums. Singing is also offered as a specialist study. Instruments such as the electric bass, drum kit and piano will be offered as a second study for students alongside their primary instruments. Each classroom will be equipped with a full set of instruments, custom-made for the school and its students.  

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If you are interested in partnering with us or volunteering to develop our Music Department please contact us, or click here to make a donation.  

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senior music department

The Senior Department, situated on the other side of the campus, offers services to both mature students, international students and professional musicians. The department is dedicated to training aspiring musicians as well as supporting them to produce music to a high level of excellence.  See below for more details on these specialist services:

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If you are interested in volunteering as a teacher, partnering with us to develop the Senior Music Department, volunteering on curriculum development, or making a donation please contact us. 

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The GAMC Recording Studio


 This will be a fully equipped studio and live room, offering educational courses in music technology for senior and junior students of the Academy, as well as offering recording and production services to both professional and aspiring local musicians. manufacturing services for aspiring and professional musicians. The recording studio will provide a vital means of support to the development of the music industry in the gambia which still struggles with the quality of production.  

The GAMC Manufacturing and Branding


A range of fully inclusive production packages will be offered to artists from studio production to branding, social media, digital distribution, website building and online marketing. Artists will also be eligible to apply for a full management package from the Academy. The Academy will also offer high quality CD replication and Duplication facilities in order to enable artists to manufacture international quality CDs within the country. Currently artists are obliged to travel to neighboring Senegal to source these services. 

The GAMC Practice Rooms


 The Senior Music Department will offer 6 sound-proofed practice/rehearsal rooms which will be fully equipped with a PA system and instruments. This facility is designed to encourage development and raise the standards of artistic groups in the country by providing them with quality rehearsal spaces where they can work on perfecting their artistry in a professional environment.  International students will also receive focused their tuition within these spaces.