Donate Equipment & Supplies

Junior Department

The GAMC Junior School Donate

From supplying healthy food to our children, to providing transport to school daily, to school supplies your donation makes a huge difference to our daily running costs. 

Some items we urgently need: 

  • A desktop Computer for admin
  • A school bus
  • PE/Dance uniforms
  • School chairs and tables
  • 15 identical reading books (English)
  • Whiteboards
  • Chemistry equipment
  • Full size model human skeleton 
  • Large maps of the world

Music Department

The GAMC Music Department Donate

Your donation will go towards the construction of our music department, from purchasing equipment to the construction of the buildings. 

Some items we urgently need:

  • Drum kit
  • Electric Bass
  • 10 Acoustic guitars
  • Electric Keyboard
  • Music Theory books
  • Hi-fi sound system (to play cds)
  • PA Systems
  • Microphones (sm58s) and boom stands
  • Acoustic Amp
  • Electric Amp
  • Any recording studio equipment

Dance Department

The GAMC Dance Department Donate

Your donation will go towards the construction of the first ever dedicated professional dance studio in The Gambia. Those whose donations go a long way towards this will be commemorated with thier name on a wall palque on the building. 

Some items we urgently need:

  • Projector
  • Large mirrors
  • Dance clothing (all sizes)
  • Dance shoes

Film/ Multimedia Department


Donating to this department facilitate the commencement of construction on our editing suite and screening room, as well as purchase essential equipment such as cameras and computers. 

Some items we urgently need:

  • Film Cameras 
  • 8 Desktop Computers
  • Film editing software
  • Commercial HD projector and screen


The GAMC Library Donate

Donating to the library is an investment into the future of cultural preservation. We will use your donation to contribute to the construction of this eco-friendly building as well as purchase resources for the library. 

Some items we urgently need:

  • Books in African History, Culture and Music
  • Audio CDs of traditional Music from around the world
  • Library tables and chairs
  • CD players with headphones
  • Traditional musical artifacts from around the world. 

Concert Hall


One of the most exciting features of the Academy is the Concert Hall. Your donations to this pioneering venture will contribute to the construction of a historic venue, set to change the music industry in the country. 

 Some items we urgently need:

  • Live music equipment (Mics/monitors/desk etc)
  • 200 matching chairs