junior school VOLUNTEERs


We are very keen on welcoming volunteers to our Junior school to assist with teaching our young students aged between 8 and 18 years. We currently have a total of 22 young students, and once the campus develops we will also be able to offer courses to mature students. 

Students at the school are split into three classes: Foundation, Class 1, Class 2. Most subjects are taught once or twice weekly to each class, whilst the major subjects such as Literacy and Maths are taught three times per week.


We offer our volunteers free lunch, dinner and accommodation. Please note, accommodation is limited so this is available on a first come, first serve basis. Volunteers are also offered the opportunity to study any of the traditional instruments that we teach at a discounted rate. 

If you are interested in volunteering, below are the subject areas that we currently offer at the school:

The GAMC Junior Department Volunteer

Academic Teaching

We welcome volunteers in all areas of academic subjects, however we are particularly seeking volunteers to teach physics, chemistry, biology, geography and African history. We love volunteers to work with our resident teachers to offer further training and development in order to support long-term sustainability from the work that volunteers bring. 

The GAMC Junior Department Volunteer

Music Teaching

We have a full team of music teachers who are experts in the traditional instruments that we offer, however we are very keen to introduce students to musical traditions and instruments from other parts of the world. We are particularly seeking volunteers in music theory and western orchestral traditions. 

The GAMC Junior Department Volunteer


We are very keen to introduce our dance students to dance teachers from different genres and from different parts of the world. Exploring other forms of dance will give our students invaluable breadth of knowledge and will widen their creativity in numerous ways. We also find ways for dance volunteers to work closely with our local resident dance teachers to offer them a chance to learn and share techniques in an exciting exchange. 



Physical exercise is essential for all youngsters, but especially for our students who require stamina and endurance for their musical performances and commitments. Sport is also a important for team-work, another essential element in music. We currently offer students football, cricket and running as well as Tai Chi and Capoeira. We are keen to welcome volunteers who assist us in developing the PE curriculum at the school as well as to offer further training to our PE staff. 


New Courses

We are very open to volunteers interested in introducing a new course at our school that we do not currently offer. For example we have had volunteers introduce book-binding classes and nutrition classes. For new courses we would first require an overview of the proposed course and later on, a detailed course plan for teaching the students over a certain period. 


Funding and Administration

Funding is hugely important to our school, and we are very much in need of support from volunteers in fundraising initiatives. No matter how small, fundraising is an essential part of our success and outreach, as all children who currently attend are unable to afford school fees. 

We are keen to welcome volunteers to assist in the day to day operations of the school, as well as staff training and team building workshops. We also require assistance with our social media platforms and monthly newsletters. 


academy campus build volunteers

- Funding

Support us in raising funds

- Construction

Assist us with any aspects to of construction. Let us know if you can help